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Look At Me Now!!
Ten weeks old and retrieving full size duck dummies

Presenting A Favorite......

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers CHAMPION

OFA Excellent


Sometimes I Get in Trouble
Sometimes a Girl can't get Comfortable
Me Too

Guys and Dogs
A Perfect World!!

Rookie -- now in full charge of the Sod Store

Remembering the
Good Times

I met him just a few years ago -- when he came to pick up his new Labrador puppy. His handshake was firm, his eyes twinkled, and it was easy to fall in love with Mac Armstrong and his wife
-- Texene.

They drove here from South Texas and chose a puppy they named "The Cowboy". Mac couldn't wait to get that puppy in the field and Texene loved the sport as much as he. So...., it began simply, and my love and respect for this man grew by leaps and bounds. He was unassuming, God-loving, knew where he was headed in this life, and -- the most caring and generous gentleman I've ever known. He came back to purchase puppies for relatives and hunting buddies who might just need a dog. Just the tip of the iceberg in his love of mankind.

Cancer came into his life 2-1/2 years ago. He was given four months to live at M.D. Andersons. Mac fought that disease with his heart and soul -- even came for what he knew would be his last puppy -- Ruger. Texene supported and cared for him by herself as they continued to battle his devastating disease and still hunt his dogs. He defied death for more than two years after his diagnosis. Jesus took him home just before Christmas, 2010. And.... those of us whose lives he touched..... will never be the same.

Hi, I'm Goose. Come see me in St Simons Island,Georgia.
I live with Chef Dave and we have one of the finest restaurants in the South.
Just ask to see me.

Life in the Heartland

No Wrapping Required
"Bucca of Maine"
This is "Dice" -- living in Maryland -- and looking great for the Christmas Season
I "Done Ate" the Ribbon!
"Buck of Georgia"!

Under the Kansas Sun

Really, Folks..... it's all about Me.....
and Me.....
and Me!

Buoy - One Year Old and living on the beach at Annapolis!

Zay, 10-1/2 years old, Living in Annapolis, Riding under the Stars and Stripes........ and PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!
I'm Charlie -- enjoying the sun and riding the waves in Sunny Florida

Miss Poppy-- Looking Gorgeous in Chicago

Colorado's New Chipmunk
Winston" --
who just won a spot in the Wolfe's
Cameras Pet Calendar for 2013.
He was one of 16 chosen from a field of more
than 200. Congratulations, Winston!!!!!
Mum Planting Day" in Texas

The Way We Were

Mocha in Florida
Jack in New York

We Are Very Special

Buck's First Duck Hunt

Wynnie of Chicago -- Spa Day
Playing in the Chattahoochee River

Comfort in Trying Times

Miss Lily found her place with a fabulous
lady doctor in Colorado who spends her days
and nights comforting the sick.
Miss Charlie flew to Texas to live with a
very special little girl who just lost her Father.
The Fabulous Day for which
we All have been Waiting.
Arriving home from Afghanistan
and finding a new labbie. Notice
how the lab seems to sense this young
man is so verrrrry special.
This American officer is getting
ready to deploy and flew to Tulsa to
pick up a labbie to take home as a
departing Christmas gift. The Santa
hat is the perfect finishing touch.

I'm Fresno - and my family are
missionaries in Mexico. Recently
the Drug Cartel killed my friend's
grandmother and our Church
sent a plane to fly all of us to Texas --
and safety. We need your prayers.
No Words Needed
The expression on the face of this young man ......
and the tears welling in his eyes........
shows sensitivity beyond his years as he
meets his Christmas puppy for the first time.
What a life the two of them will have in Mississippi.
I take really good care of her
Making trips to therapy soooo much shorter

This special lady asked for a white labrador to name Spirit.
She has a wonderful son who drove many miles to bring this puppy to her.

Miss Millie" -- the Showstopper of Atlanta
Stand Back and Say Wow
And.... I stopped a few shows
when I landed in White Plains New York

Look At Me -- I Got It!!
If that rope comes untied -- Come And Get Us!!!!!
Tell me Again How I Get to the Other Side

The invitation said "Special" -- You are Invited to
an All-Girls Slumber Party -- and I Loved Every Minute of It

Miss Jazz setting up her sprinkler

Don and Winston -- Talking it Over

Mojo -- who never dreamed
she'd be living in Vancouver
"Atlanta Georgia" is the perfect
new home for Little Miss Choc
I landed in NY about the time of the big
hurricane and they immediately named me "Storm"

Handsome Hunk Sammy turning heads in California

What a Ride

I was chosen as a puppy to join
a fabulous family in the Bahamas
First I flew to Florida, was picked
up by a private seaplane
We encountered some really stormy weather
and the pilot and I overnighted together on
a small island
But... the weather cleared, a rainbow formed,
and just look at the children in the water
waiting on my arrival. What a Ride!!!!

I had only heard of New England
When I left Kansas, I had no idea I would
be living in LA with a handsome movie star...
and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous
I'm not sure where I am.....
but I know I love it!!

First I flew to Connecticut -- then went immediately to the Beach -- What a Day!!

The "All-Round" Labrador Retriever......
he'll play, babysit, cuddle, protect, make you smile--
and love you forever!
The Morning Meeting
"Nollie" -- a wedding present to
daughter -- and now a babysitter
for grandson!


A Great Georgia Family Photo

Miss Maggie
Sir Forest
Miss Havana

Very First Day at the Beach

Folks, it doesn't get any Better
Miss Lea -- Another Texas Lady
Maverick and Friends
representing Oklahoma
State University

My own "Heaven on Earth"

Hunting the "High Country"
in Colorado
Sittin' On Top of the World
Exploring the
"High Country Lakes"
in New Mexico

Chocolate In A Winter Wonderland

Living in the Bright Lights, Listening to Country Music, and Learning to Love Nashville

Meet Miss Marny

Mary is a well-titled lab. Also known as T-Bar Country Montmorenci Chablis CDX RE NA OAJ OF TT). The winning photo was taken with Judge Victoria Brown on Hilton Head Island, SC, after Marny placed 1st in her Open A class.

Marny at her first agility trial and look at that
smile as her ears are standing straight out.
She knows quite well she's a winner!!!!!

Currier and Ives???? No, but perhaps it should be.
Mosely and his two friends totally fascinated by something in the water.

Making The Whole
World Seem Right...

I'm Baxter -- and my plane landed in Florida

Presenting Whoopsi Daisy
of New York
Clover --
of British Columbia
Miss Oklahoma -
The Girl With Everything

Lola -- Ten Months of age and can already "fly" over the Aspen snow 

The Bodyguard

Matches Made in Heaven

Miss Sunshine in a Florida home
Kansas Jack -- Now Living the "Good Life"
And.... I'm a Southern
Belle in Alabama

Would You Look At That!!!

All Colors Love the Water

Sunrise Serenade

I'm Here to Explore the Rocky Mountains
with my new friend, Aaron
I just landed in Philadelphia and I
had no idea I was meeting a handsome stranger

Taking a short break -- but still looking and listening

Summer in the City
Winter in Atlanta
Summer in the Mountains

Coming Out of Chute No. 1........

"What A Day" -- I just landed in South Carolina
and I'm Going Home with a Great New Friend
Two Texas Beauties -- Miss Emma and Labbie Noel

I'm Colbie -- You'll see me on
the ski slopes in the Rockies
And... you'll see all three of
us shopping in Abilene
I'm Lily -- and you'll find me
in and around Boulder

A Perfect Ten!

Miss Remmi -- Boating on the West Coast!

New Floridian Kobe -- So Happy to
find Two Handsome Brothers
I'm Miss Lily -- and I just
acquired three new brothers

I Really Do Like Him

I'm way too tired to listen

My new Mom is a professional
trainer so I've learned all the commands.

Archie is a Big Winner..... he found a
gorgeous new Mom, a great new playmate,
and now lives in Colorado
Even Miss America Loves a Lab. This is Heather Whitestone McCallum -- 1995 Miss America -- and the first Miss America with a disability. Heather is deaf. Now living in Georgia with three sons and a lab, she still rocks the world with her motivation. (She has a fabulous book "Listening with My Heart" that will bring a lasting smile to all readers)

Miss Luna -- one year old -- and doing it "Her Way" Deep in the Heart of Texa

Call 911 -- and Hurry!  She said something about killing me!!!

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep........ and, Lord, Help Me Remember to Play Nicer Tomorrow

I'm only a Year Old, but I'm Very Good at What I Do
Just Another Day in Tennessee for Kodiak

When I left Kansas, they told me "If You Ain't The Lead Dog, The Scenery Never Changes"

Help Someone!!!!  They've Got A Gun!!

Go Ahead -- Count 'Em
It's been a cold, wet morning but -- we got  'em

Someone To Watch Over Me

Libby -- Totally engrossed in Marlin's game (same game the Marley and Me Labbie ran onto the field).
I'm sure Libby could have easily kept up with her.

This is What It's All About

Precious Memories

This is Steve Wesenberg and his new puppy "Tank".
Just a short time ago Tank flew to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to become the new "bar dog" at the local gathering place. He went right in upon arrival and began getting acquainted with all the locals dropping by after work. Steve and wife, Jacquie, made a great new home for Tank and his life was perfect. Then..... a terrible tragedy happened. Steve was diagnosed with cancer and passed before Tank could grow up to show what a great lab he would become.

Now....the dock is bare and windswept and -- the boat is empty. Jacquie and Tank are quietly putting their lives back together and remembering with all of Oshkosh -- the precious memories of Steve.

Homeward Bound

Watching the Skies and Listening

Let Me Out of Here ...... They're over there grinning, and I did All the Work

A Whole Day of Memories

My name is Miss Macey -- and You Don't Mess Around With Me!!!

New Girl Arrives in Chicago
"Kendi" -- the Dog Trainer
flew to Michigan in a private plane

Once in Every Life, Someone Comes Along......

I'm Too Tired Tonight to Talk About My Behavior

Sure Seems Different from those Cattle Ponds back Home
When I Grow Up, I'm Going to be a Waterdog too

We are proud to present
Certified Therapy Dog.
Kali is truly a great all around dog who does it all.

She's earned the Open title in AKC competitive obedience (CDX) and is showing great promise for the next level, Utility.  Her desire to work (and truly Lab appetite for earning rewards) has made her a joy to train.

Her calm, stable and loving temperament helped to her obtain the American Temperament Test Society's TT title and Therapy Dogs International's TDIA (TDI--Active).  She regularly visits a geriatric center where the residents adore her and her numerous tricks.

She is fully Rally trained (performing all the exercises with speed and ease) and waiting for the AKC to approve it as a new sport.  As an AKC non-regular class, she nearly always takes 1st place in all the levels (Novice, Advanced and Excellent) getting perfect scores with ease.

She recently went to her first Agility trial and placed 4th (USDAA).  She's not as fast as those Border Collies, but she is exceptionally accurate.  She's just begun field work and next spring she starts tracking.

Learning to Ride the Waves
Miss Buttons now living with Nicholar in Virginia
Um Umm Good!  Um Umm Good!
That's What Eukanuba Is -- Um Umm Good!!!!

Two very tired six-month labbies and two limits of quail.
What more can we say?
Two years old and hunting "really big birds"
in South Carolina

Sharing Secrets in North Carolina

What A Wonderful World

Lovely Ladies with Labs
T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers

What We Wish for All Children -- and Dogs!!

One Proud and Happy Labbie
Bird-Hunting Buck
I'm The Cowboy from East Texas....
Did Someone Say Duck Season?

A Big California High Five!!

"True Story" -- This handsome young man is
being married soon and the groom's cake
will be in the shape of his Lab's head.  Let's hope
they share the photos with us...
"And I Love You So......"

Summer in Kansas
It's a new game -- but I've forgotten who I am

It's all in
The Game

Congratulations to Bodi--
Passing his first hunt test on his first try
Ozzie -- one year old and breaking ice to go under for the wounded ones. His owner says a million dollars couldn't buy this boy.
I'm Sara-Dog and I've gotten old so -- this is our new way of doing it.  "He" breaks the ice and I follow and pick up the duck and carry it back to dry land.  It works for both of us.
One Gorgeous Lab...... Doing it All In Texas!!!!!
Maker of Dreams in Kansas
Miss Luna -- verrrry young and verrrrry good
It's Ruger of Texas -- 8 months old and showing how it's done Texas style
My name is Ozzie -- and I went to live with a duck-hunting doctor.  One thing led to another and now I'm 15 weeks old and we have it figured out.  He shoots them and I go into the river and bring the ducks out to him.  Then I get a bath to wash off the red mud from the river.  What a Life!!!

Eight Months Old And He Doesn't Miss.........

One Down -- I'll Get It!


Two Super Heroes
Craig & Kaiser

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers The Arrival

Approximately three years ago Craig was in a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down.

A black male puppy, Kaiser (son of Ch. Memphis Knight and Ch Arro Celebrity), was sent to California to be trained as a service dog for him.  You can see Kaiser in Craig's arms while he was still a puppy and the love story between the two of them is very real. 

Craig writes that Kaiser sleeps in his arms at night and that he feels Kaiser was his incentive to continue when the days and nights were long.  This "best friend" accompanies him everywhere he goes and takes care of every need.  And, Craig is quick to add that Kaiser gives back as much love as he receives.

It's a wonderful story and a fitting tribute to two special guys.  Craig's email address is PcCrg@aol.com if you would like to touch base with him.

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers Relaxing After A Fun Day With Craig

Only in New England

Move Over, Fellas

These Ladies Know How It's Done

For The Love Of The Spor

The ducks don't get too big for Miss Abbey
Ty -- of Connecticut -- now training as an upland hunter.

Meet Sadie -- Tired and Happy after a long flight from Tulsa to meet her
new parents stationed on our American airbase in Tokyo.
I'm growing fast -- and making new friends. 
My Dad is gone a lot so Mom and I find fun things to do.
This is my Dad, Brian.  He's an F-18
pilot for the Navy and we belong to VFA-195
Squadron "Dambusters" in Japan.
He's getting ready to deploy again and I'm very proud to be here with them.

I Think I've Won The Lottery
I Hope My New Sweater Is Red Too

We recharge in five minutes

You Want Me to do What??????

T-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers

It's a Magical Marshmallow World

T-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers
Belly Deep in NY Snow
Coming Home
Playing In The Snow In Kazakhstan
Open the Door -- I'm Bringing' It In!!!!
And The Winner Is..........

T-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador RetrieversT-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers

These AKC judges thought they were judging a cutting horse as
Cowboy puts finishing touches on his Senior testing.

Friends Forever

Sis and her Best Friend
Hunter - And His Three
Best Friends
Roo and her Best Friend
Bear and his new Big Friend
My Friend is a Horse of
a different color
Two gorgeous Best Friends
Bart and his New
Colorado Friend
Early Morning
Mississippi Friends
Arriving in Carolina
with a big "high-five"
Kisses for a New Friend
in Washington State
Lilly's realllly proud of
her handsome new friend
Miss Molly recently retired
and found a perfect new friend
These choc sisters have
"lots" of friends
Scout and his "spotted" friend
Two Tired friends
My friend still carries me
He's scary -- and I
hope he stays my "friend"
Bedtime Friends
Miss Havana and
her Bear -- in Miami
Jake and His Fishing Friend
Just toooo many Friends

Watch when he wakes up and finds out this is "Me"

LOGAN -- At The Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida 

He is being trained 9 to 5 daily by the Dolphin trainer and will soon be in the water with them.
The Dolphins love him and come up and wave with their flippers.  You can see Pandora and her baby coming in for a visit.

Help!!   I Just Saw Something Realllly Big!!
Under a year old -- and very special

Congratulations to Bree

T-Bar Country is proudly presenting "Bree" in the Carolinas. 
At one year of age she has completed the AKC test for Canine Good Citizen
and has now been listed in the CGC Archives by the American Kennel Club.

Gorgeous Girls Love Labbies


Oliver is a member of Therapy Dogs, Inc. which is a national therapy dog organization.  It is the highest certification a therapy dog can receive and means he is certified to work in any hospital in the nation that has a program.  Oliver works in Boulder Community Hospital every Thursday; he brings joy to children and patients of all ages, as well as hospital staff and administrators.  He is also the "example therapy dog" for those therapy dog hopefuls that go through the hospital's program.  When he is not working, he loves to run and play in Boulder's beautiful parks and open spaces.

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers
Out Of My Way!
T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers
Watch Me!!!

We have some really big stories to tell

My name is Ben and I'm now a Floridian
Case and Bella testing the waters of the Great Atlantic
Luke -- The Waterdog

The Most Wonderful
Time of the Year!!!!!

A Perfect Ten

T-Bar Country is proud to introduce three new Champions!
Canadian Champion T-Bar
Country Storm Chaser
Canadian Champion T-Bar Country
World On A String
Canadian Champion Hot Toddy

First Win.

T-Bar Country Angus Too
Just starting.
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Excellent
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good

Jan and the love of her life "Pax" 1985-1997.

Come back to visit anytime.

"We're always proud to have you."
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