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OFA - Fully Guaranteed

Trunk Full of Treasures

Ten-year old Owen giving his Best Friend a special hug
Norman helping his fishing buddy catch minnows
Max Payne and his New Accomplice "T-Rex"

A great day for a young guy in the Nebraska cornfields
Icy Water and a Good Dog -- What a Morning!!

Hunter Alert

If you're looking for a trainer, check out this website: www.wolfcreekchampiondogtraining.com
You'll like what you see and you'll like the man.

These AKC judges thought they were judging a cutting horse as
Cowboy puts finishing touches on his Senior testing.

Look At Me Now!!
Ten weeks old and retrieving full size duck dummies
I think this used to be a bird

Presenting A Favorite......

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers

OFA Excellent

SometimesWe Get InTrouble

"The Ice Machine" -- hunting at 13,000 feet in Colorado

"It's Been a Really Long Day"
"But... I'm Still Bringing Them In"

"Zeke in the Show Me State --- Mom says there is a soul behind those eyes

A Dog For All Seasons


Down at St Simons Island, Georgia, Daisy Dunn is getting a great ride
pulled by the little guy she has watched over since birth.
He'll now be watching over her.

Move Over, Fellas

These Ladies Know How It's Done

Miss California" --- All decked out for the Christmas Season

Miss Scarlett in Charleston -- 4 months and 40 pounds
Sophie of Atlanta
Merit -- celebrating Memorial Day in Kansas City

In Parker, Colorado 14-month old
Ranger is out for his first Hunting Season
Greg and Coal -- "doing it all" in Washington state.

A new arrival in Savannah, Georgia ---- should be a Great Summer !!
In South Texas Mom comes back to help with bath time ---- and finds two instead of one !!
Miss Lily in New York preparing to take first walk with new friend Michael

Remembering the
Good Times

I met him just a few years ago -- when he came to pick up his new Labrador puppy. His handshake was firm, his eyes twinkled, and it was easy to fall in love with Mac Armstrong and his wife
-- Texene.

They drove here from South Texas and chose a puppy they named "The Cowboy". Mac couldn't wait to get that puppy in the field and Texene loved the sport as much as he. So...., it began simply, and my love and respect for this man grew by leaps and bounds. He was unassuming, God-loving, knew where he was headed in this life, and -- the most caring and generous gentleman I've ever known. He came back to purchase puppies for relatives and hunting buddies who might just need a dog. Just the tip of the iceberg in his love of mankind.

Cancer came into his life 2-1/2 years ago. He was given four months to live at M.D. Andersons. Mac fought that disease with his heart and soul -- even came for what he knew would be his last puppy -- Ruger. Texene supported and cared for him by herself as they continued to battle his devastating disease and still hunt his dogs. He defied death for more than two years after his diagnosis. Jesus took him home just before Christmas, 2010. And.... those of us whose lives he touched..... will never be the same.

My name is Cole and I'm seriously thinking about this...

We're Duke and Lucy and you can find us with the
Pioneer Woman on the Drummond Ranch in Osage
County, Oklahoma
Hi, I'm Goose. Come see me in St Simons Island, Georgia.
I live with Chef Dave and we have one of the finest
restaurants in the South. Just ask to see me.

Hondo of Wyoming -- enjoying the water on a camping trip. He's 3 years old now and 104 pounds.

No Wrapping Required
"Bucca of Maine"
This is "Dice" -- living in Maryland -- and looking great for the Christmas Season
I "Done Ate" the Ribbon!
"Buck of Georgia"!

Under the Kansas Sun

Really, Folks..... it's all about Me.....
and Me.....
and Me!

Meet Colorado's "Mac" who took home two 1st place ribbons
in Novice Class at the Arapahoe County Fair. He is 18 months old and loves what he does.

California Sisters and Boone at the Beach
Colorado Sisters and Bojeau in the Falling Leaves

Paul Payne's Miss Peaches in the Fall Colors of the Eastern High Sierra in Northern California

Miss Luna -- one year old --
and doing it "Her Way" Deep in the Heart of Texas

Gus -- working in the far Northeast and showing how it should be done

Would You Look At That!!!

Percy from the Lone Star State
Bear Boeckman 19 months old
Two-year old Chief Boardman

The Way We Were

Buck's First Duck Hunt
Lucy in the far NW is learning
-- and sometimes the bird is almost as big as she

Stealing A Kiss

Meet Bronco and family -- all big Astro fans in Houston
Working the High Country
The limit of quail for the day was reached but these working fellas
flushed three more coveys that day and just could not understand
why someone didn't fire a gun.
Folks, it doesn't get any Better
Miss Lea -- Another Texas Lady
Maverick and Friends
representing Oklahoma
State University
I'm waiting for her to wake up
The Best of Days

"Miss Millie" --
the Showstopper of Atlanta
And.... I stopped a few
shows when I landed in
White Plains New York
Stand Back and Say Wow

These two little ones are headed to Malibu.
A lovely lady sent her plane here with two of her helpers to carry the puppies back to their new home.
They are very blessed …..

Handsome Hunk Sammy
turning heads in California
Miss Palm Springs
What A Fella!!

I'm Yukon and I'm new to this game but we have put out decoys and now we're going to hide and stay quiet until more geese come in.
It's hard for me to patiently wait..... but Dad (Matt) says that's the rules.

What a Ride

I was chosen as a puppy to join
a fabulous family in the Bahamas
First I flew to Florida,
was picked up by a private
We encountered some really
stormy weather and the pilot and
I overnighted together on a
small island
But... the weather cleared,
a rainbow formed, and just
look at the children in
the water waiting on my
arrival. What a Ride!!!!

I'm Max and my home is Skiatook, Oklahoma. I'm now two years old and Jan says I look mighty nice.

The "All-Round" Labrador Retriever......
he'll play, babysit, cuddle, protect,
make you smile--and love you forever!
The Morning Meeting
"Nollie" -- a wedding present to
daughter -- and now a babysitter
for grandson!

Audrey Moeller

This special California girl was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3 and suffered through what no child should ever endure. With God's grace, today's marvelous medicines, and all support humanly possible from parents, grandparents, family, and friends, Audrey is now a top achieving student, lives a normal life, and can be seen around her neighborhood walking Boone (the lucky fella who calls her his Best Friend).

Hunting the "High Country"
in Colorado
Sittin' On Top of the World
Exploring the
"High Country Lakes"
in New Mexico

Chocolate In A Winter Wonderland

Meet Miss Marny

Mary is a well-titled lab. Also known as T-Bar Country Montmorenci Chablis CDX RE NA OAJ OF TT). The winning photo was taken with Judge Victoria Brown on Hilton Head Island, SC, after Marny placed 1st in her Open A class.

Marny at her first agility trial and look at that smile as her ears are standing straight out. She knows quite well she's a winner!!!!!

I'm Bailey Pralle and I'm part of the great Southwest.
You can find me in Arizona
I'm Baxter -- and my plane landed in Florida

Albus Pykiet celebrating Christmas with his best friend in Alaska

Presenting Whoopsi Daisy
of New York
Clover --
of British Columbia
Miss Oklahoma -
The Girl With Everything

I live in Northern California where
every day is a new adventure
Lola -- Ten Months of age and can
already "fly" over the Aspen snow

Matches Made in Heaven

The Bodyguard

Miss Sunshine in a Florida home
Kansas Jack --
Now Living the "Good Life"
And.... I'm a Southern
Belle in Alabama
A Perfect Ten!
Coming Out of Chute No. 1........

The Old Fella follows the puppy so he can see he does everything just right
(This is one of my favorites -- mighty proud)

"What A Day" -- I just landed in South Carolina
and I'm Going Home with a Great New Friend
Two Texas Beauties --
Miss Emma and Labbie Noel

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep........
and, Lord, Help Me Remember to Play Nicer Tomorrow

I'm only a Year Old, but I'm
Very Good at What I Do
Just Another Day in Tennessee for Kodiak
Help Someone!!!!  They've Got A Gun!!

Willie Nelson loving his life in New York

They drove to see me and now I'm going home with them
This is What It's All About

Homeward Bound

Watching the Skies and Listening

When I left Kansas, they told me
"If You Ain't The Lead Dog, The Scenery Never Changes"

New Girl Arrives in Chicago
"Kendi" -- the Dog Trainer
flew to Michigan in a private plane

Once in Every Life, Someone Comes Along......

We are proud to present
Certified Therapy Dog.
Kali is truly a great all around dog who does it all.

She's earned the Open title in AKC competitive obedience (CDX) and is showing great promise for the next level, Utility.  Her desire to work (and truly Lab appetite for earning rewards) has made her a joy to train.

Her calm, stable and loving temperament helped to her obtain the American Temperament Test Society's TT title and Therapy Dogs International's TDIA (TDI--Active).  She regularly visits a geriatric center where the residents adore her and her numerous tricks.

She is fully Rally trained (performing all the exercises with speed and ease) and waiting for the AKC to approve it as a new sport.  As an AKC non-regular class, she nearly always takes 1st place in all the levels (Novice, Advanced and Excellent) getting perfect scores with ease.

She recently went to her first Agility trial and placed 4th (USDAA).  She's not as fast as those Border Collies, but she is exceptionally accurate.  She's just begun field work and next spring she starts tracking.

Learning to Ride the Waves
Miss Buttons now living
with Nicholar in Virginia
Um Umm Good!  Um Umm Good!
That's What Eukanuba Is --
Um Umm Good!!!!

I'm Too Tired Tonight to Talk About My Behavior

Two very tired six-month labbies and two limits of quail.
What more can we say?
Two years old and hunting "really big birds"
in South Carolina

One Proud and Happy Labbie
Bird-Hunting Buck
I'm The Cowboy from East Texas....
Did Someone Say Duck Season?

A Big California High Five!!

It's all in
The Game

Congratulations to Bodi--
Passing his first hunt test on his first try
Ozzie -- one year old and breaking ice to go under for the wounded ones. His owner says a million dollars couldn't buy this boy.
I'm Sara-Dog and I've gotten old so -- this is our new way of doing it.  "He" breaks the ice and I follow and pick up the duck and carry it back to dry land.  It works for both of us.
One Gorgeous Lab...... Doing it All In Texas!!!!!
Maker of Dreams in Kansas
Miss Luna -- verrrry young and verrrrry good
It's Ruger of Texas -- 8 months old and showing how it's done Texas style
My name is Ozzie -- and I went to live with a duck-hunting doctor.  One thing led to another and now I'm 15 weeks old and we have it figured out.  He shoots them and I go into the river and bring the ducks out to him.  Then I get a bath to wash off the red mud from the river.  What a Life!!!
Eight Months Old And He Doesn't Miss.........
One Down -- I'll Get It!


Only in New England

For The Love Of The Sport
Life in the Heartland

Rookie -- now in full charge of the Sod Store

The ducks don't get too big for Miss Abbey
Ty -- of Connecticut -- now training as an upland hunter.

We recharge in five minutes

LOGAN -- At The Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida 

He is being trained 9 to 5 daily by the Dolphin trainer and will soon be in the water with them.
The Dolphins love him and come up and wave with their flippers.  You can see Pandora and her baby coming in for a visit.

Help!!   I Just Saw Something Realllly Big!!
Under a year old -- and very special

Congratulations to Bree

T-Bar Country is proudly presenting "Bree" in the Carolinas. 
At one year of age she has completed the AKC test for Canine Good Citizen
and has now been listed in the CGC Archives by the American Kennel Club.


Oliver is a member of Therapy Dogs, Inc. which is a national therapy dog organization.  It is the highest certification a therapy dog can receive and means he is certified to work in any hospital in the nation that has a program.  Oliver works in Boulder Community Hospital every Thursday; he brings joy to children and patients of all ages, as well as hospital staff and administrators.  He is also the "example therapy dog" for those therapy dog hopefuls that go through the hospital's program.  When he is not working, he loves to run and play in Boulder's beautiful parks and open spaces.

T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers
Out Of My Way!
T-Bar Country Labrador Retrievers
Watch Me!!!

We have some really big stories to tell

My name is Ben and I'm now a Floridian
Case and Bella testing the waters of the Great Atlantic
Luke -- The Waterdog

A Perfect Ten

First Win.

T-Bar Country Angus Too
Just starting.
Canadian Champion T-Bar
Country Storm Chaser
Canadian Champion T-Bar Country
World On A String<
Canadian Champion Hot Toddy
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Excellent
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Good
OFA Excellent
OFA Good
OFA Good

Jan and the love of her life "Pax" 1985-1997.

Come back to visit anytime.

"We're always proud to have you."
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