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We are a Weimaraner Breeder, offering AKC Weimaraner Puppies of Distinction.

  Parents OFA Certified.

Airfreight Available, and You will Love the Breed!!!!

Gorgeous AKC Champion Sired Weimaraner Puppies

We call him God's gift to the Weimaraner World -- His Friends call him Vinny.
All dogs in his pedigree are champions and -- He's OFA Excellent.

Following in her parents' footsteps, T-Bar Country is
proud to introduce "Madison" who was recently the
cover girl for Fetch magazine

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
I Never Dreamed I'd Be Living in New York with Two Gorgeous Girls!!!!
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Perfect World for Milo

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
You've Got to Stop and Smell the Roses
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
I better hurry -- they're calling for me
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
I' feel really safe on this shirt

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
All is Right with the World

Heaven on Earth for Rosie

Lilly and her Brand New Brothers

Picture Worth A Thousand Words
T-Bar Country proudly presents "Thunder"
as a puppy and growing into an accomplished field dog.

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
First Homework -- then Playtime!

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
The Thrill of It All
Being Awarded Top Performer in Hunting Dog Stakes.


It's my Private Pool

Grace -- now living in California
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Don't Worry..... I Will Take Good Care of Her

Champion Evad --  Everything You Could Want In A Weimaraner
It's a Guy Thing
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Miss Cali at the Beach Party
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Playtime for Miss Cleo
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Brand New Texan -- Ringo
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Harley in New York City
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
My New Name is Milo
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Kai in Florida

Ruger -- just arriving in Connecticut
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
And -- I just landed in Pennsylvania --
as a Christmas present
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Sonny of New York

Bodhi - 1st Overall in the Division Hunt Test
The Story of Fritz
A small fortune was given Beta Theta Pi at Penn State for complete renovation -- an then the purchase of a Weimaraner for the House Dog.   Built in 1929, it was once home to Hugh McCallister Beaver, who was honored with Beaver Avenue and and Beaver Stadium -- Penn State's Football Stadium which holds more than 110,000 people.   It is one of the most prestigious Fraternity houses in the Nation and it's estimated value exceeds Twenty Million dollars.  With that in mind, enter Fritz -- Weim puppy.   These are some of the photos of Fritz growing up with the other Fraternity guys -- and learning to be a part of their lives.   

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Celebrating Minnie's 12th Birthday
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Getting Acquainted

I think I won the Lottery

I'm Taking My New Responsibility
Verrrrry Seriously

The Eyes Have It!!
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
His Breakfast was better than Mine

Let's Talk About It First

Ready For Winter

Let's Go!


Summer In Oklahoma

Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

A good rear is important!!

Destination.... Louisville

Practicing For The Real Thing

Big, Big Congratulations to Stokes --
Son of Ch Evad and T-Bar Country Simple Elegance

What A Baby

Sugar and Spice

Poetry In Motion -- The Versatile Weimaraner
showing tremendous talent at seven months of age.

Christmas in Japan
and then in two months
we're coming Home!!!!
We're counting the Days......

Smokey in Pennsylvania

Zoe arriving in North Carolina

Time To Eat!!!!!

Skye -- Learning to Listen

Gretchen --
lovely at 14 weeks

I Found A Bird!!!
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Riding Shotgun
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Celebrating a glorious American Christmas while on tour of duty in Japan
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
"Max" -- now at home with a Captain and family of our military -- working
out of the Embassy in Thailand.  He's getting a lot of attention over there
and will return with his family to the States in three years -- with many stories to share.

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Exploring the new Snowfall

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
His name is Louis -- and I Reallllly Like Him
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Let's Play "Catch"
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Sticking Together

T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Been There, Done That -- and It Was Fun

A True New Yorker

Looking Soooooo Very good in New Mexico

Ladybug --
of the Great Midwest

Bodhi -- living in the Florida Keys

I can do it much faster than the dishwasher

Love Letters in the Sand

Miss Lucy -- Best Dressed Girl in Florida


New York Friends

Florida Friends

Izzy -- First Day at the Beach

Christmas Joy

Where's the Sleigh?

Staying two jumps ahead of the Shorthairs

I'm miss Abby and I flew to Japan to live with my new family on the American airbase in Tokyo.  I love it here and get lots and lots of attention.  and -- I flew all by myself.


Someone Come Quick --
These Things are Alive!!

I'm Zane -- and I've made many, many friends in my new neighborhood
Meet Wyatt -- Recently Featured In The Boston Globe As "Wyatt Receiver"

Car Time


Quality Time

What Is That?????? 
Friends Forever
Duke -- Born To Make You Smile

Minnie In Saint Louis

Morning Mist - First Dog Show

I've been promised a really big dog bone if I sit in these thorns and smile

 I'm a Floridian

I Flew to Pennsylvania

I'm A New Yorker

I've Got Low Places

The Streaming Sunrays
of New York

The Falling Leaves
of New England

The Stillness
of the Deep South
T-Bar Country Weimaraners
Jaeger of Pennsylvania

If you look closely, you will see the true "Gray Ghost"

Weim Attack........

Ladies Hunt Birds Too

Grace And Crew -- Doing Some Island Hopping

Living the Good Life

Home, please, James

I could learn to like this fireplace.

I already like my New Home

I Cannot Say the Same About the Hat .

He thinks I'm a Mermaid

And The Winner Is.........

It's Not My First Time Out

Mambo's Arrival at
NY Airport

Miss Chloe --
Life of Luxury

We arrived in time
for Christmas

Dear God, I Promise to Play Nicer Tomorrow

I'm Taking this
Varmit with Me

Patiently waiting
for Dinner

Do not try to
take Jerry's Toy

I'm "Podraig" and I hunt way up North in Cold Country. 
My Dad says he grew up with pointers but I'm the most instinctual dog he's hunted behind. 
It's a great life!!!

The Weimaraner -- Perfect Companion Dog

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Airfreight available
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